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Some time ago, out of curiosity, I started exploring SQL Server’s ML (Machine Learning Services) features and found it super interesting, especially the integration of the Python language. Then, after a few simple tests, I decided to learn Python. Boom, I could not believe how good that language was for data manipulation, especially for data analysis. Then, I decided to expand the Pivot blog with Pivoting with Python. Now, I would like to explore more on how we (primarily SQL Developers) can use Python in our projects.

Let’s find out if we can use Python integrated into SQL to simplify queries/reports with complex calculations in the SELECT statement, how to export result-sets to disk as e.g Excel/CSV file. Maybe we can combine the external lookup tables with SQL Server data within the same query, or we can pull weather/financial .. data from a website and integrate it with our tSQL query all within a stored procedure.
Then there is a question of how this impacts SQL Server performance, for HA/DR envs, can it run on Async node as a part of reporting/ data analytics etc..

Let’s find out what this bad boy Python can do for us sequel guys 🙂

Python Environment and Dev tools

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